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Dancing through the 


A Journey with the Golden


For healing,

restoration, revitalization and harmony.


A customized, therapeutic experience

tapping into life-force energies of the earth and innate body wisdom, through gentle, spontaneous, intuitive and

guided meditative movement, in sacred space.


It is our birthright to live healthfully and move freely within our bodies… to feel comfortable in our skin, and to express our unique selves fully.


Helpful for relieving tension, stiffness, depression, anxiety, pain,

  low energy, adrenal fatigue, managing change, feelings of

being stuck, blockages... creating balance, deepening in

 self-love, cultivating pleasure, expanding perspective, 

evoking passion, accessing power,

igniting creativity,

activating vitality...

Having witnessed spontaneous, beautiful effects while mirror dancing with women in ceremonial settings, I am delighted to deepen in this practice and offer an expanded experience to support women in coming to feel more nourished and deliciously comfortable in their bodies, as well as more fully expressed in finding their own unique dance. There is a healing and a liberation activated as we reflect each other in the mirrored intuitive movements, listening to the body's innate wisdom and working with the energies that spontaneously arise ~ no touching is involved.

The labyrinth is invoked for a journey to the center of the self, into the mysteries within, to discover what gifts are there. We follow a golden thread for the passage, as we allow the dance to move through us, following the flow of each moment through the subtle energies of our body wisdom, with pleasure as our guide. We allow the energies to arise and move through, safely... to be expressed and processed, through the body as well as through sound and spoken word. Serpentine and lemniscatic movements often emerge as we tap into forces which are beneficial for our flow and vitality.

In ancient times, we women were revered for the way we moved. When we know ourselves and feel fully at home inside of our bodies, the potency of our innate beauty, gifts and radiance becomes more vibrantly alive, benefiting ourselves, all of our relations and our Great Mother Earth herself. May we all live harmoniously within ourselves, with each other and with all of nature on our resplendent garden home.

Photo captured at Kionia Sanctuary,
Temple of Amphitrite, Tinos, Greece, 
in the remains of the healing bath
For more details or to arrange an appointment,
you are invited to contact Aimée at
or by calling 310-544-7951
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