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I Am a Sacred Woman


I am a Sacred Woman

Whole and complete unto myself

Trusting the source of my wisdom

Following the callings of my heart

Nurturing the desires of my soul

Living my truth


I am a Sacred Woman

Portal between worlds

I honor and bless my exquisite body

My body as my dearest partner

I revel in my ability to create

Creating sacred gifts and nourishing their growth


I am a Sacred Woman

Benevolent Queen of my realm

Receiving and giving for the highest good of all

Seeing through the eyes of compassion

Magnetic potency drawing my desires to me

So I am free to BE


I am a Sacred Woman

Deliciously grateful in my own skin

Feeling the potency of the life I co-create

My heart sings with beauty from within

Beauty at my feet

Beauty with every breath


I am a Sacred Woman

Rising from the potency of earth

Flowing with each moon

Renewing myself again and again and again

Luxuriating in sacred pleasure

My greatest power is my love


I am a Sacred Woman

Dancing my unique dance

Singing with my sisters

Tending the garden with my brothers

Together celebrating the children

Grateful to play together under the sacred sun


I am a Sacred Woman

Heartbeat of the great Mother pulsing

Blood of our sacred sisterhood flowing

I am the land of milk and honey

…a blossoming flower

…the embodiment of love


I am a Sacred Woman

Perfect, beautiful and strong

Radiating blessings in every moment

Basking in the field of oneness

Remembering I am all…

All is sacred


- Aimée Lissantheia

© 2016

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