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Encounter the

Royal Holy Hive

Welcome to the magical world of honey bees!

I am honored and delighted to offer a multi-sensorial experience of deliciousness on my land, inspired by the honey bees, and created by the honey bees. We'll enjoy a relaxing stroll through the enchanted garden and get as close to the hives as you feel comfortable. One of my hives has an observation window, so we can take a peek into their creative inner world, without disturbing them.

There are a multitude of fruit trees on the land, and if any are ready for harvest you are welcome to savor some of the co-creations of the tree flowers and bees. We'll return to the sanctuary space to savor nourishment from the hive with an international honey tasting flight. Honey is the perfect food, and contains medicinal properties preserved from the flowers from which we can all benefit.

To deepen our encounter into the world of the bees we will share in bee meditations,  bee wisdom, bee inspirations, bee songs and bee poetry.

To complete our alchemical journey, we will bask in a vibrational sound bath with cosmic gongs, frame drums and crystal bowls, while reclining on cushions and wrapped in soft blankets, to embody the bliss the bees feel when they are cozy and nurtured inside of their humming hive, surrounded by the aromas of the nectars of the flowers, which will be created through aromatic diffusers of floral essences.

We may even do a bee dance! 

This experience is for open hearts of all ages, and can be customized... for example, a "honeymoon" theme, a family "edu-tainment" style, a wandering curious nature lover adventure, etc. 

Thank you for celebrating the precious honey bees and the beautiful garden with me.

To coordinate your visit, please contact me directly:

landline: 310-544-7951

text: 310-650-5527

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