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Aimée Lissantheia creates experiences for women and men to embody their true essence and strengthen their creative power, evoking their vitality and radiance, through practices of sacred movement, meditation, intuition, self-love, rhythm, sound, energy awareness... also by creating sacred spaces, as well as connecting with nature... intentionally cultivating expansiveness for individuals and for groups, locally and internationally.

Living by intuition, Aimée brings forth the next level of embodiment... for the body's attunement... for our unique journeys, to create what we are here to create.





Aimée’s work deepened with the blessing of her child, followed by an unexpected transformational initiation, evoking a remembering through connecting with herself, opening her intuition, flowing with the rhythms of nature, and healing through the invisible realms. She completed a four year study program focusing on the wisdom of women’s deeper mysteries, and sacred energy work... and is currently in advanced studies at the Lyceum in England, deepening in ancient practices based in honey bee shamanism. She completed a personal transformation program and a coach training program based in self-love, honing intuition and the power of our thoughts. Her studies ever continue, including sound healing, tantric dance, crystalline energetics, flower essences, sacred drumming and song. She is currently co-teaching weekly tantra meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.


Aimée’s early recognized passion for dance lead to decades of training, performing, teaching and choreographing stage performances in a variety of dance modalities in New York, and at Mount Holyoke College where she received a BA in a self-designed major encompassing the history of art, dance, theater and costume. Her studies also included a term in Firenze (Florence, Italy). Her desire to combine creativity and world travel lead to a position, forged for her, for 13 years with an international interior design firm based in Asia, creating luxurious commercial and residential spaces centered on harmony, beauty, and tranquility. 

Through Aimée’s unique gifts, she empowers and inspires all to live fully embodied in their highest expressions of love, divine wholeness, and inner truth... and to emanate their radiance.

With Love and Compassion,


landline 310-544-7951

text 310-650-5527

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