Personal Session with Movement:

"I'm still amazed at the magic alive in me and my garden since you were here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ Caterina N.

"I feel wonderful today. My neck is flexible and stiff free. I also feel like all my vibrations are raised. I am looking forward to exploring more of this... I am grateful. Like everything else this past year, you appeared at the time I was ready."

~ Stacey P.

Personal Session with Sound Bath:

I don’t even know where to begin. The experience with Aimée is like encounter of the 11th kind!
Her energy is like a calm fire burning away the energy blocks in your body so that she can transplant new energy she gathers from the universe with her crystal bowl and the gong.  I had terrible high blood pressure for some unknown reason; she was able to ground my out of balance energy and brought me back to myself.
Thank you, Aimée, for the most beautiful ceremonial healing experience!

~ Chiyako A.

Dancing with the Elements:

"Elemental Playdance: Crisp air, radiant sun, pulsing waves, and yielding sand -- the elements greet me and invite me to explore our connections. Luminous and gentle, playful and grounded-- Aimee guides me, as I dance into the mystery."

~ Susan Arborel

Space Clearing and Blessing:

"The rest of last week I felt the energy of you dancing through the rooms and hallway continue. As I was treating [my patients] I heard your voice in each of the rooms continuing to bless my studio and send vibrational frequencies through me and my  clients. What a heartfelt experience that continues to bless my soul. I appreciate you taking the time to come out here,  share a dance and bring blessings with you. The elements that we danced continue to flow in my every existence. " 

~ Yvonne R.

Early Spring Honey Ceremony:

"I felt lighter after the ceremony and soaked in the sweetness of the honey. I learned about preciousness and deliciousness of honey! Feeding honey to each other was building a relationship in a community. I felt like it’s time for me to know and be friends with the bees somehow."

~ Yuki O.

Spirals express eternal creation...

Radiance is the potent beauty we shine forth as we embody the power of our true essence, feeling nourished by life force energy.

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