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"Know thyself."

-Pythia of ancient Delphi, Greece

Complementary introductory personal mini-session for new clients, 30 minutes


Integrative session

For renewal, rejuvenation, and regeneration of body~mind~essence

*Consultation to identify challenges, gifts and purpose

*Guidance on the path of self-development

*Recommendations for customized practices

*Energy clearing, meditation and breathwork

*Movement and sound therapy        


Mentoring sessions

Consultation, in person, or by phone or Zoom, for…

*Clarity and resolution of opportunities and challenges

*Embracing strengths and gifts

*Guidance to navigate the unknown

*Creating authentic embodiment and full expression           


Therapeutic Rejuvenation Sessions

Movement therapy and sound healing integration for revitalization,

balancing, harmony, life-force energy and deepening in body wisdom.

*Clearing what doesn’t serve our highest expressions

*Activating and strengthening our life-force energy

*Increasing our flow of creative potency                                             


Sound Healing Immersion

A nourishing and nurturing customized sound vibration experience to facilitate deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration to your true self. The gong sounds and vibrations stimulate a meditative state and sensations similar to a deep massage to allow an opportunity to surrender, release and open to the cosmic vibrations of creation.

Can facilitate...

*Inner calm

*Strengthening of the nervous and immune systems

*Balanced energy centers

*Increased radiance, energy and vitality

*Enhanced awareness and intuition

*Rejuvenated mind, body and spirit                


Experiential Personal Ceremony Design and Facilitation,

Rites of Passage      

Going outside of time to heal and transform ourselves, from any age, into higher expressions of ourselves to bring into our future. Embracing hidden pain, trauma, challenges, and honoring the magnificence of our life passages in a sacred, beautiful way. Can facilitate…

*Freedom from what has been binding us

*Opening to the majesty of life

*Deeper connection with our essence

 *Ignition into our divine self, more fully expressed

 *Expanded sense of our purpose and our pleasures


Dedication Ceremonies

To bring honor and renewal, uplifting the true essence of a space with intention,

while celebrating its highest expression and benefit for all.

Blessings for: home, garden, library, museum, university, park, botanic garden, arboretum...


Multisensory Experiences

For an individual, a couple or a group (10 person maximum)

A journey of remembrance, healing and awakening to the truth of who we are as

multi-dimensional beings, and coming into deeper embodiment of our true essence and connection with all. This is the origin of theater, where transformation took place at a sensory level. Now we consider epigenetics, with the understanding that our cells have the ability to communicate with our genes at optimum levels for our vitality and longevity.


Customized Transformational Adventures

For a focused, individual experience to create new beginnings, with integration and an intention to allow transformation toward wholeness to unfold. All details are customized and co-created in partnership, while held in a container of loving guidance.



For more details on the above, you are invited to contact Aimée…

landline 310-544-7951

text 310-650-5527


"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing.  She goes where she will

without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself."  

-Maya Angelou

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