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While visiting the Sequoia National Forest I connect deeply with these wise beings who have been burned to the core and yet heal over their wounds, continuing to grow and thrive, rooted with the earth and reaching toward the sun, nourishing themselves and nurturing their surroundings. 

After giving birth to my precious child, something deeper began to stir within me… a long lost remembering of the potency of what it is to be a woman… these marvels that are our female bodies.  A subsequent awakening came through a health crisis… a full force initiation, transformation and alchemical journey into another way of living and being. Everything I was guided to do in order to heal myself brought me opportunities to step onto the path of what was true for my unique journey.  Being strengthened into the truth of my spirit, brought strength and healing to my body. Remembering to honor my woman’s body, in love, gentleness, and nurturing care in every thought, in every dance, in every season, in every cycle, and allowing myself to BE, has lead me to my source. Through many miracles I am here, and every moment I am in deep gratitude for so many generous blessings and the preciousness of this gift of life.

In celebration of my rebirth, I traversed the canal in a marble cave on the sacred island of Crete while journeying with a beautiful circle of women.  Birth, growth, death, rebirth… the rhythm of nature, the rhythm which allows us opportunity… to transform ourselves again and again into more of who we are and what we are here to create… to reveal our gifts and share them for the highest benefit of all, as we dance in the radiant oneness of life.

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