I see ... women and men thriving in the highest expressions of their gifts, living the inner music of their souls, rooted with the wisdom of the Earth, co-creating their realms with benevolence for the highest good of all... in love, honor and grace.




Guiding women and men in remembering, 

embodying celebrating their divine, potent selves.


Through our body wisdom, we dance, breathe, play...

Through our intuitive wisdom, we meditate, discover,


Through our heart wisdom, we feel our rhythm,

we sing, we live, and above all,

we love...




To weave ancient wisdom, present potency and future vision together, towards the creation of a harmonious world garden

rooted in love, where all of life is held as a sacred celebration.

Spirals express eternal creation...

Radiance is the potent beauty we shine forth as we embody the power of our true essence, feeling nourished by life force energy.

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